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Meet the team

Dawn Hershey

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I grew up in Columbia and still have strong ties there. I live in Millersville with my wonderful husband, Mark. We have three very active children, Kate(11), Charlie(8) and Willow(5). Beyond yoga,I love fishing, baking and reading. I'm also a Registered Dental Hygienist. I received my 200 hour Teacher Training through Evolution Power Yoga(Baptiste style yoga).

I tried yoga 11 years ago and fell deeply in love. I had back problems and someone recommended yoga to me. At first it was so difficult and did not come easy to me. My poses were not what I saw in other's bodies. But then as time passed I realized that I was not them and my body was mine alone. Yoga ultimately became a safe haven for me to truly be myself with no judgement attached. It was a quiet time for me to reflect and let my guard down. My wish and intent to share that pure joy with others...


bio cheerful Heather

Heather is a 500 Hour Certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher with additional certifications in Restorative, Yin and Yoga Nidra. She studied with the award winning Prancing Peacock in Bucks County, Pavones Yoga Center in Costa Rica and with Ray Long. Her passion is to help individuals reduce anxiety and stress and increase energetic awareness and peace! For that reason, Heather has founded Heart Space | Happy Place (Holistic Life Coaching and Energy Therapy) and has her self care shop within SWAY Yoga. If you don't drop in one of her classes, pop in her shop to say "hello"

CLICK HERE to visit Heather's website


IMG_0187.JPG Angie

I am a wife, mama (of one awesome little boy), middle school reading teacher, yogi, and a runner.
I first tried yoga in my teens and kept finding myself coming back to yoga again and again. In 2013, I turned to yoga again when I was pregnant with my son. Initially, it was for exercise, but I gained so much joy and peace that I decided to complete my Yoga Teacher Training at Brandywine Yoga. I teach vinyasa yoga.
My classes focus on positivity and love (of yourself and others). I teach yoga because it is fun, it helps others, and it provides a positive environment in which to grow. I value community, safety, and support. My biggest talents are patience, humor, and helping others.


IMG_6303.JPG Mona

I knew from the very first class that not only did I want to practice yoga, I wanted to share the gift that yoga is with all others! The magic and nourishment presented by the instructor had touched me that deeply. I had dabbled in yoga here and there the fifteen years previous, practicing at home with video and books. Marital stress brought me back to the practice. Needing relief, I finally attended a class. This brought the practice and my life to a whole new level.
As breath is the foundation of our life, I believe breath is the foundation of yoga. Through my unique and somewhat challenging vinyasa with a touch of alignment style of teaching I encourage the “yoking” of the mind, body and spirit. I love the idea of waking my students up, encouraging them to dive deeper into a space of themselves that they may have not known even existed. That which lies beyond the physical. It is my hope that students bring concepts I introduce to them off the mat, and into their daily lives.
I received my RYT 200 hour teacher training under the Baron Baptist affiliated yoga studio, Evolution Power Yoga, here in Lancaster PA. Although my teaching style does contain some elements of this method, I have grown and evolved into my own expression as a teacher. I still continue to learn, and will always, in this practice, as to continuously provide my students with the best experience possible!
It is my goal, in the practice of teaching yoga, for students to recognize and honor the wisdom of the physical body through asana. I hope through the use of quotes, meditation, pranayama, and the introducing of yogic philosophy, students can be guided to move into a space of recognizing the vastness, the beauty, and the pure joy of their own essence, their true nature.

Charlotte Droege

IMG_6844.JPG Charlotte Droege

Hi! I’m Charlotte: yoga teacher and student, artist-creator, and business leader. My purpose and passion is to lift others up by creating space centered around yoga (mind, body, spirit asana or movement), art and play.
I first fell in love with yoga in a Penn State York kinetics requirement! There I found a sacred space on my mat where I could be myself and honor my body, mind and spirit and release all expectations of myself and others. This love continued after college and through my first pregnancy, with my oldest son, Isaac, as I found great comfort in my changing body through prenatal yoga.
After Isaac was born I forgot about yoga as motherhood consumed me. I reconnected with fitness right away as I was preparing my body to look “great once again” for my wedding following his birth – doing spin classes, Bodypump resistance training (even going for that certification!) and HIIT (high-intensity interval training). My body was strong but also very stressed.
Once again I turned to yoga. By this time I had forgotten myself and my passions and thought I had no purpose. Practicing yoga allowed me to find great peace, physical and mental strength, and spirituality – on and off my mat. Dedicating the time to move and honor mind, body and spirit has changed my life, in so many ways, and I want to share that same experience with others. Through yoga we slow down, open up, stretch and move – with focus and intention on breath – creating our own unique experiences.
I hope you find peace, awareness and joy.

Todd Grice

IMG_6848.JPG Todd Grice

Todd completed his 200 hour certification with the Create Karma program in Lancaster, PA. He has been practicing Yoga for over 10 years, and teaching Yoga since June, 2016. He believes in the importance of “YOGA” mindfulness, breathing, balance, and strength to help support his “running hobby” and for all members of our community that want to improve both mental and physical well-being – while having FUN! He is passionate about engaging more men in Yoga and continues to attend additional trainings and practices to improve his teaching skills.

When not teaching Yoga, Todd and his wife Jane (also a Yoga teacher) love to travel, spend time with their “kids”, Luke and Torie, and cheering on Penn State.

Chelsea Kelley

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My Name is Chelsea and I have been practicing yoga for about 4 years and just completed my 200 hour teacher training in September 2017 through Create Karma. My life is super active and I love the way Yoga always brings be back to my center through mindful movement and breath. I teach a fiery Vinyasa which includes holding poses and mastering balance. Although my class is challenging I also make it accessible so that wherever you are in your practice you feel the full benefits!

I am very excited to join the team at Sway and look forward to meeting this wonderful community!

Lexy Nausbaum

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Hi my Lexy, and my yoga journey began a little over 3 years ago after the tragic loss of my mother. I found solace in the practice, the movement and the breath of yoga. Yoga has become an important part of my daily life and something I want to share with others! I also love the outdoors, experimenting in the kitchen and traveling the world!

Matt Love

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In the past I have co-owned and operated a small vegetarian cafe. And I learned you have to eat well to stay well. This was a very important part of my start to the Chemistry part of a holistic lifestyle. Massage has always been more than relaxation for me. It was working on the Structure of the body to keep it aligned. But massage also keeps the Emotion in alignment allowing the mind to de-stress and let the parasympathetic nervous system do its job allowing the body do what it was designed to do, heal itself.

Along with being a Massage Therapist, I have also been a Chiropractic Assistant in a holistic wellness office. Working alongside the doctors for years, even before deciding to go to school for massage therapy has advanced me into the massage therapy field through table side knowledge and practicing a healthy lifestyle.

My duties are to assist the doctors and being a Massage Therapist, but also work with patients using cold lasers on the cervical area of a whiplash patient, correcting cranial nerves, color and sound therapy, using a percussor to release fascia from chronic injuries. This has been a beneficial part of my career education.

I really enjoy cooking for friends and family. Not so much by recipes but by coming up with new ideas from scratch. The outdoors is a big part of my life, kayaking, fishing, camping, backpacking, mountain biking and rock climbing are hobbies that keep me active.

Shauna Donahue

57A72473 DA6B 4EF1 9A08 7DE230362265.jpeg Shauna Donahue

Meet Shauna. Specializing in theraputic massage, deep tissue, aromatherapy, energy work, trigger point release, sports massage, and prenatal. Shauna is certified in Lomi Lomi, and Cranial Sacral Therapy. She is passionate about massage therapy and working with you to provide the best type of work needed for the body. Shauna enjoys music, art, animals, and nature.

Diane Richards

A1B0EC24 DCA9 44D3 A76F 2439F38DC5D9.jpeg Diane Richards

Meet Diane. Diane is a 500-hour certified yoga teacher with trauma-informed training through Create Karma, a visual artist, and the Founder of thexxcollective: a resource for women’s wellbeing. Diane teaches a creative blend of prana flow and breath-based vinyasa, and occasionally luxuriates in providing restorative and yin offerings to her students. She also offers one-on-one yoga therapy sessions, as well as Trauma-Sensitive Yoga workshops for women. Outside the studio, Diane seeks to curate safe and explorative spaces in beautiful settings, offering guided meditations, yoga hikes, retreats in nature, and intentional conversations.

When not in the yoga studio, Diane can be found working in Holistic Therapy at Lancaster General Health, stomping through woods with her old dog, Jesse, making art in her tiny-house and studio space, building community through Lancaster Transplant, or spending time with her wonderful friends and family.